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Experience ESSENCE magazine on the Kindle Fire. ESSENCE is the premiere lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine for African-American women.

Each issue, you’ll experience the fierce, fun and fabulous features you love, but in a whole new way. With the digital edition on your Kindle Fire, you can have ESSENCE with you wherever you go.
If you currently subscribe to ESSENCE magazine, you can access the digital edition on your Kindle Fire!

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Essence magazine is a lifestyle publication for African American women of all ages, shapes, and cultures. If you’ve been looking for a periodical that addresses what black ladies need to know about fashion, beauty, relationships, and current events, a subscription to Essence will come in handy. It also features tips and tricks to help you deal with everyday issues, as well as a special section where real men ask their significant others to marry them.

Essence magazine features interviews with movie and music celebrities that share their knowledge on how to empower yourself in order to reach your goals. It also contains articles about average black women who have become successful in their careers after starting almost from scratch. The heartwarming stories will give you the courage to push aside all of the negativity that you may face in your chosen field, while tips from experts on a variety of topics, such as job hunting and scholarships, will help with the practical side of your endeavors.

Essence magazine will make you embrace fashion and beauty with passion, offering hints on hairstyles, makeup, and wardrobe choices that will complement your skin tone and body shape. The publication also discusses health issues that African American women face, including the symptoms of certain conditions and the questions you should be asking your doctor.

A subscription to Essence magazine will give you the tools you need to raise your self-esteem, and the magazine makes a great gift for any young woman that needs a little boost in self-image too.


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